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[Originally published on June 1, 2015]

On Tuesday, June 2nd, the Mid Atlantic Bio Angels (MABA) will host their fifth 1st Pitch Life Science event of 2015 at the NY Genome Center. The event will feature a brand new segment, “War Stories,” where industry insiders will discuss their personal experiences in life science entrepreneurship. In the first installment, Arthur Klausner will talk about his transition from venture capitalist to his current role as CEO of two biotech companies.

Below are previews for the three presenting companies. While they are all in very different areas, they share a common thread of using technology to give clinicians new data that will improve their ability to treat their patients and prevent unnecessary complications. At the end of the event, the audience will select one group as “best in show” to present at the “Best of the Best” competition in December. If you’re interested in learning more, register here.

CardiMetrix LogoCardiMetrix Device

Each year, millions of Americans find themselves hospitalized due to heart failure. Patients’ hearts don’t pump blood efficiently, causing fluid accumulation in the extremities and lungs which can lead to complications. After these patients return home, there is a fifty percent chance that they will be rehospitalized within six months due to worsening heart problems. While there are often signs that could prevent return trips to the hospital, there is not an efficient, cost-effective way to gather the appropriate data and get it into the hands of the clinicians.

To solve this problem, CardiMetrix designed a home monitoring system for heart failure patients. This system records eight vital biometrics, analyzing them and providing the clinician a snapshot of their patients’ health. This device will detect abnormalities in their early stages, allowing the clinician to alter the patient’s treatment and reduce their risk of rehospitalization, improving the quality of care for patients and saving hospitals time and money.

GraftWorx Logo

Every year, millions of lives are threatened by Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), where plaque restricts blood flow and can lead to limb loss and organ failure.  In advanced cases after non-surgical options have been exhausted, clinicians use implantable prosthetic devices to reroute blood around the blockage and promote normal blood flow. While this treatment is often effective in the short term, the prosthetic itself will become blocked, which leads to expensive, debilitating outcomes if it goes undetected.

GraftWorx SchematicTo solve this problem, GraftWorx is designing smart vascular prosthetics with a built in sensor that can detect and accurately measure restenosis formation and progress, along with monitoring other hemodynamic parameters of the patient.  Well before the prosthetic has reached failure, it will automatically alert the clinician so that they can bring in the patient for a simple, safe, outpatient angioplasty.  This allows both the clinician and patient to avoid the catastrophic results of undetected prosthetic failure, such as amputation or prosthetic replacement.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.50.25 PM

Klincis SoftwareBlood transfusions are life-saving treatments provided every day by hospitals. However, the complexity of the regulatory and reimbursement environments can make it difficult for physicians to determine which patients need transfusions and when. In some cases, this leads to overprescription of blood transfusions, costing the hospitals money and providing suboptimal care for the patient.

This is why Klincis designed HeMCIS, a cloud-based clinical decision support system. This software allows the physician to customize blood transfusion protocols, continuously analyze data, and it will offer suggestions in real time. HeMCIS will not only make sure that patients receive blood transfusions when they need them, but also streamline the process in a manner which is compliant with federal regulations, saving hospitals time and money.

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