1st Pitch Preview – October 15 (NY)

By Matthew Murphy

This Thursday, October 15, the Mid Atlantic Bio Angels will host their first 1st Pitch NY event of the Fall at the NY Genome Center. The following three companies will each get an opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors and compete to be named “Best in Show” by the audience.

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Basepair Logo

Basepair SoftwareThe improved speed and decreased cost of DNA sequencing has led to a dramatic increase in the amount of sequencing done by researchers. This data can be hugely informative, but there is a bottleneck at the point of data management analysis.

Basepair provides researchers with easy-to-use, cloud-based software that allows them to directly analyze their own data without relying on a third-party analyst, providing scientists with results in hours, instead of days or weeks. The intuitive interface and visual analytics make it easy for researchers of all backgrounds to use, allowing Basepair to alleviate the bottleneck in DNA sequencing and accelerate medical research.


MatriTek Logo

MatriTek DiagramOne of the major hurdles in medical research is finding conditions where cells will grow and the environment is representative of the in vivo tissue being studied. While there are many materials available on the market, they are often either made up of a single component (such as collagen) or are not specific to the desired tissue (such as Matrigel).

Matri-Tek is looking to transform the way people culture cells by offering tissue-specific biomaterials for medical research. Using their patent-pending technology, Matri-Tek takes natural organs and tissues and removes the native cells, leaving behind an intact matrix. This allows researchers to grow cells in conditions that are more representative of the actual tissue they are investigating, with the benefits of being able to manipulate cells in a dish.


Neuronasal Logo

Each year, millions of people across the world suffer from concussions. While many recover quickly, approximately 25% of these patients suffer from persistent concussion symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, and memory loss. Despite this, there are no currently approved drugs which improve recovery from concussions and prevent long-term symptoms.

Neuronasal intends to change that. By repurposing off-patent drugs for intranasal delivery, they plan to get these drugs which can reduce brain damage directly to the brain with a reduced risk for toxicity. This will give hope to concussion patients and fill a potentially lucrative unmet need in the marketplace. Neuronasal plans a proof of concept human trial next year and then will out-license the drugs.

A special thank you to our event host, the NY Genome Center.

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